Three things I would not be good at

I was just thinking today and realizing that some things people know how to do and I have no idea where to start.

1) Buying drugs. I mean, I am pretty sure I know people who know people.* But if I really wanted to get down and dirty with some illegal substances, I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea where to look, and I’d probably be stupid enough to put it on Facebook- HEY, ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN SCORE SOME POT? And then the Durham Police Department will debate whether they want to highly publicize the entrapment of a 40 year old suburban mom who just wants to get high. **

2) Lawyering up. I read the internets, I know that if a police officer wants to talk to you, it’s really best to have a lawyer present. Even if you’re not under arrest. The only problem is how do you find a defense attorney? I mean, on television (and everyone knows that is real) people always talk about their lawyer like their dentist, or even a close friend. Someone whose number they have on hand, and the lawyer is just waiting at the starting line for the gun to go off so they can run to rescue you, briefcase in hand. Only, the only lawyers I’ve worked with have been real estate and estate lawyers. We bought a house and made wills. I don’t think my last will and testament lawyer is going to come running if I get arrested. I interviewed some IP lawyers but I don’t think they count either. ***

3) Baking bread. Although I am aware this is something that can be learned, with practice.


*I do not want drugs. This is hypothetical.
**I am aware that this is how the television show Breaking Bad starts out.
***Still hypothetical. I do not need a lawyer.

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4 Responses to Three things I would not be good at

  1. Some help:

    1) Don’t bother.

    2) Use your phone call on a trusted friend, then keep your mouth shut until your friend sends a lawyer to you. “Six degrees of separation” suggests that your friend knows somebody who knows the right person, and a good friend will scramble until you have the attorney you need.

    3) If you follow instructions well, and pay attention to the details like kneading time, sifting the flour, etc., you can use Google and your first loaf of bread will be excellent. Not as good as the third, or the tenth, but definitely worth the effort. Assuming you like making a mess of the kitchen.

  2. Rick Novy says:

    If I can bake bread (with bread machine) then anyone can do it.

  3. Andy Konecny says:

    Knowing a bit about how to lawyer up is a good thing and there was just the article about it posted just the other day
    Of course those on TV who do have a lawyer handy and ready to leap for them have already made extensive use of the service and their lawyer is just going to where they’ll make money.

  4. Dave says:

    There are probably a good many things you would not be good at, which might be considered a good thing. Nobody can be good at everything otherwise we would all be equal at doing everything which puts us right at on a level playing field by saying “nobody is exceptional at anything”.

    Oh and since you are hypothetically using the word “Pot” in your post the “NSA” bots might run across it and think it strange. I would suggest you “NIX” any future stories that might use other buzz words accidentally. Can you believe that “GORILLA” is one of their words? Talk about a “MEGA” oversight on their part.

    Well that’s it for me as “ISA” time for me to head to bed and “CRASH” for the night.

    Strangely “Sarcasm” is not one of their words :P

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