Those pesky resolutions – 3 words

I’ve read several blog posts on resolutions, everything from how much they suck, to how to write them so they stick, to avoiding resolutions all together for three words (I was reminded of this by my friend Grant Baciocco). The concept is explained at the bottom by the brilliant CC Chapman.

I try not to make resolutions, because I’m very bad at follow through, and then feel like a failure. But I like the three words approach.

  • I’m dealing with the inevitable opinion that my body takes of I’m 40 now! I don’t have to be in shape to make babies, so I can slow metabolism and just take the next 40 years off! And this isn’t just “I’d like to lose weight,” it’s also my health, how my body seems to get hitches here and problems there. And when I’m not feeling well, or feeling too tired, I don’t have energy for my family, energy to go on adventures with my kid, hikes with my husband. I’d just rather stay in. So for a better, more exciting 2014, I’m trying to track my sleep and what I eat, wear the proper shoes (I’ve had weird foot pain lately and realize I have fancy orthodics that I’m not wearing), and start running soon. Yoga starts today. (It’s really hard to find one word that means “I’m going to take care of myself.” I blame the Puritans, as every “self” and “ego” word is considered negative. But dammit, egocentric can also mean self-concerned and self-loving and I don’t see anything wrong with that. It doesn’t mean “at the expense of all others.” As the airlines say, secure your own mask before helping others. And as we say in the South, ain’t nobody happy if Mama ain’t happy. So even though it has a negative connotation, I choose Egocentric.)
  • In 2013 I wrote close to 300,000 words. That included one book, some short stories, several chapters of another book, several rewrites of those chapters, etc. I’m proud of that, but that’s just the beginning. This coming year has got to be more productive. I have to start respecting the demands of the magic spreadsheet again, shooting for my daily wordcount of 500+ instead of 250. If I had kept to the spreadsheet’s guidelines, I might have closer to 400,000 words. I need a word better than “write” or “create” since those would be my words every year. I guess the key here is how I approach writing, a problem I’ve had in the past: Persistence.
  • I’m timid and afraid. See yesterday’s post. I walk the safest path, which is often the laziest path. It hits me when I worry I’m not supporting my kid enough when she wants to capture the moon in a butterfly net. I figure if I can be more risky, I can encourage her to do so. I have a lot of projects in my head that I feel are too risky, and that, obviously, is why I must try them. Risks.

So what about you? For you, my dear listeners, I wish for you persistence, a tough lizard-skin, kindness, an editor who stays in her box until the proper time, wine/chocolate/comfort when you fail, and cheers and tiaras when you succeed. Find your words, find your resolutions, keep writing, keep believing, and good luck.

by Mur

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