This “day off” you speak of…

I’m going to take today off.

It's done! Now I don't have to freak out that the cover was done before the book was.

It’s done! Now I don’t have to freak out that the cover was done before the book was.

Now, I suppose from your point of view, since I’ve been mostly on a blog and podcast hiatus, I’ve already been taking days off, but I’ve been working hard to finish The Ghost Train to New Orleans and then edit it. (see yesterday’s podcast for more on editing)

But I’ve been writing thousands of words a day, or rewriting, and I’ve been burning myself out. And the writing doesn’t stop; This month, I have two novellas to write, a project to finish, and marketing for The Shambling Guide to New York City (insert preorder reminder/plea/beg here.) Also podcasting again. Remember podcasting?

I’m struggling with this day off. First, I can’t take the day 100% off, since today will be my 150th day writing in a row, per the Magic Spreadsheet. Second, I have a lot to do to get ready for the next things on my list. Lots of guest blog posts this month! But I need a day. Just a day. This afternoon I’m taking the kid to the comic book store and then we will get ice cream so I can remind her what her mother looks like when her face isn’t bathed in the glow of a monitor. This morning perhaps I will play a video game, or nap, or watch True Blood. Maybe I’ll take a bath. Or finish listening to John Scalzi’s The Human Division, since I’m on the final episode and was cursing the fact that the drive home from fencing wasn’t longer yesterday because OMG drama. (And hey, if you want to join Audible so YOU can listen to awesome The Human Division, then follow this link and you will be supporting the podcast!)

Coming up in May:

  • The release of Chapter 1 of The Shambling Guide to New York City podcast! Free! Early! Holy shit! (May 2 – THAT IS TOMORROW)
  • Guest posts on several blogs
  • The return of I Should Be Writing
  • A more robust blog – I’ve got some fun ideas.
  • The return of Fabulist Ramblings.
  • Balticon (with ninja launch party. Shhh.) (May 23-27)
  • The release of the print and ebook version of The Shambling Guide to New York City. (May 28)
  • Complete and utter sloth as I watch marathons of the new Arrested Development and Season 5 of True Blood. (Oh, crap, I forgot, you don’t care about that. BUT I DO.)

Also, I’ll be writing more in May, and working on a game project for school, working on my Torment novella, and planting vegetables and flowers. But you won’t see those things yet. You’ll probably never see the tomatoes. Sorry.

Coming up in June:

Lastly, this month I will be blogging about some things I’m involved in that I should have been talking about already, but have been too freaking busy. Such as:

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