The Shambling Guide to New York City is out!

August, 2005 is when I started podcasting about my trek to build a career writing. And nearly eight years later my first book to appear in book stores hits the shelves.

(Amz) (BN) (Indie) (Waterstones) (Audible)

I could write and argue about how I’m not a debut novelist because I’ve self published a lot, via podcast and ebook, and I had a small press book out in 2008. But honestly my books have never before been in book stores, in front of people who never would have found them otherwise. It’s a big deal to me.

Coverage today that makes me squee: BoingBoing, where Cory Doctorow calls me “one of the worst-kept secrets in science fiction and fantasy.” and I got to write The Big Idea on John Scalzi’s awesome blog. (I wrote it the day the hubby had his accident, so I was kinda scattered. And I did get the birds out of the house.)

I’m nervous and happy and excited and want to hide under the desk.

Cover art by Jamie McKelvie

Cover art by Jamie McKelvie

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