The Shambling Guide to New York City – Chapter 8

Zoe discovers a coworker who has a very strange connection to her past. Also, he’s a complete asshole.

Tired of waiting for new episodes? Check out the full version of the book at these fine establishments: (Amz) (BN) (Indie) (Waterstones) (Audible)

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3 Responses to The Shambling Guide to New York City – Chapter 8

  1. Paul says:

    Finally gave in today and bought the eBook from Amazon, couldn’t wait any more after listening to Chapter 8, just had to buy the book and find out what happens! Thanks Mur.

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  3. TrishEM says:

    Oh, this chapter made me go “OoooOOOOooooooh!” I’ve been listening along happily enough, but now I’m really intrigued. And the dedication, yikes!

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