The latest: Shindig, interviews, Balticon, and personal news.

First, the exciting:

Tonight there’s a live video chat with me at Shindig! You can drop in any time (it starts at 6:30 Eastern) but they would appreciate an RSVP. I’m very excited about this event!

Come to my shindig!

Come to my shindig! (Pretty dress not guaranteed)

Balticon is this weekend! I’m hitting the train tomorrow morning, arrive in Baltimore late afternoon, and will be shouting obscenities at Scott Sigler by 9pm. Watch me.

Also at Balticon: LIVE ISBW with a NINJA BOOK LAUNCH will happen at noon on Saturday. Be there. There will be giveaways. Also Myke Cole.

FABULISTS AT BALTICON- tell me you’re coming, I’ll do a thing. Possibly involving donuts.

So I’ve got a book coming out next week. Yeah. A little tense about it. Preorder¬†(Amz) (BN) (Indie) (Waterstones)¬†if you’re interested. Or listen to the podcast if you’re not sure yet. You can also preorder via Audible.

Eep. Ack. No panic. Truly.


And now the bad:

I’ve been absent from blogging and podcasting this week thus far because my husband was in an accident this past Sunday (his bike vs. a car.) He’s got many of the minor injuries one would expect (bruising, road rash), plus a broken collarbone. So my priorities have drastically shifted in the past four days to make sure he’s seen doctors and gotten meds and is comfortable, and, outrageously, the kid still gets to school on time and in clean clothes and with lunch and stuff.

But after coming out of all of that we looked at the situation and thought, well shit, it could have been so much worse. So we’re just glad he’s OK, and the break isn’t a bad one.

That said, he and Princess Scientist were planning on coming to Balticon, but he needs to stay home and rest. Sad face.

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