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If It’s Good Enough For Wil Wheaton…

Welcome to the Murverse Annex.

This is me waving the white flag.

I give up.

The site has had problems for over a year, and I’m frankly exhausted. It’s been little more than a “yes, I still exist” footprint for a month. I’ve posted no new content. I’m so damn tired of it, I’m not even going to explain the problems I’ve been having.

So welcome to the new Mur homepage. What will you find here? Information about me, yes. Links to podcasts, yes. My old blog from Murverse, ISBW, and Princess Scientist? No. That’s gone.

Well. Not gone. I’ve got XML and SQL and LMNOP files with that information, and perhaps when I Make It Big (TM) I will be able to afford a webmaster and I can just throw the content at them and say, “here, fix it.” In fact, my awesome hubby of 14 years might help me out with it. It’s not erased forever.

But I’m done fiddling with it. It’s defeated me. I’m tired of fussing over the site instead of the content within it.

Considering I’ve been coming up on my 8 (!!) year podcast anniversary, there’s a lot of content to deal with. So here’s the info you need.

  • My ISBW feed is hosted through Libsyn, those lovely people. That will not change at all.
  • The Murverse feed is hosted through Feedburner, and I hear rumors that it’s dying a slow death. I recommend subscribing to this site’s feed.
  • I’ll have archives of all content posted soon.
  • If you are a Fabulist subscriber, I will be in touch via email. That program will NOT stop, I just need to figure out how to keep that going.

Thanks for all your patience here. I’m going to punch a gin bottle after I get this thing going.

Apologies to Wil Wheaton for stealing his idea of running away and starting a new site.