RESIST with 90’s technology

If you have paid any attention to me at all in the past 10 or so years, you can probably guess I’m in the RESIST side of the current administration.

However, I am bad at confrontation. I clam up. All of my arguments evaporate and my throat goes dry. This doesn’t mean the other person won; it’s rare I’ve been convinced otherwise. I just suck at presenting my case.

I know when it comes to calling your representatives’ offices, you can have a script, and there are several suggested ones you can find so you don’t even have to write one yourself. Which is great. But when I actually get up the courage to call, and get a busy signal (YAY all you people who aren’t afraid to call!), it’s hard to ramp up that courage again.

I did it, though. I tried. I never got through. I felt even worse; I was ready to fight in my own small way and I couldn’t get through the first door. Then I found out that Washington DC is about 20 or so years behind with regards to technology (and a bunch of other stuff that I won’t get into here). They have fax machines. And there are free fax services online. And shit, I can write a letter. Writing is what I’m good at. Talking/debating/arguing, not so much.

So every day I open up Google Drive and update the letters I want to send to my representatives. I use, which allows five free faxes per day. I send them off (I have all the phone numbers and fax numbers I need in my shiny new bullet journal, which I’ll talk about on another day.) I get confirmation emails. And I’ve done something.

My senators are Thom Tillis (R) and Aaron Richard Burr (R) (yes, relation) so I really doubt they will listen to a fucking thing I say. But I will still say it. I usually try to be polite. Sometimes I am rude (ie I called them both “silencer of women” after the Elizabeth Warren shutdown the other night). But I will still contact them.

Thank you, 90’s technology.