Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 6

We’ve ironed out our issues and have video streamlined! Today we welcome our friend Iris, and go see Frozen!

It’s awesome. Totally awesome.

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar Day 2

We’ve already broken one of the rules! you can blame Final Cut for taking 3+ hours to export a 1 min movie. Here’s day 2, let’s hope Day 3 is easier to manage!

Princess Scientist’s Advent Calendar – PROMO

It’s time for the annual Princess Scientist podcast! Stay with the kiddo as she opens her Advent Calendar all for your entertainment!

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode F – The Editor, and NaNoWriMo for Kids

Guest starring Princess Scientist, my 11 year old daughter.

Kill the editor. Put it in its box for a whole freaking month.

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