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Breaks. I need a lesson.

Sat down. Wrote 600+ words. Felt good. Took break.

And I don’t remember anything after that.

I know logically that the breaks are necessary and you burn out without them. But for me, that break in my mental flow tells my brain that I’m done, and getting back to it is nigh impossible.

I’ve tried pomodoros. I just ignore the “get back to work” signal.

I need help.

If you are a champion break-taker – and I mean someone who takes a break and then gets the hell back to work, not someone who goofs off all the time, cause I don’t need ANY help in that area – email me or @mightymur on Twitter to give advice. I’m at a loss.

(yeah, there are no comments on this blog. I am a strong believer in Do Not Read the Comments, even on my own blog.)