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Patreon done F’d up real good

Because it’s swirling all around me, I assume everyone has heard of the mind-boggling change to the Patreon fee structure. But since some of my followers just got the news I had a Netflix option (which has since run out; they had it for three years), I will spell it out for you.

  • Before: You pledge $1. You pay a dollar. Patreon takes a fee (apparently it varied anywhere from 12-20%). I get the rest.
  • Now: You pledge $1. You pay $1.38. Patreon takes a fee, I get the rest. (The math: where Y is your pledge, (Y x 2.9%) + $.35.)

Patreon is trying to sell it as the creator gets more money and we all want that, right? Under the new structure, creators take home 95% of the money. But they passed the fees on to you.

Well, 38 cents isn’t really a big deal, right? You can barely park in a city for 15 min on that. But here’s the catch: that’s 38 cents per person you support with $1.

Many people like to spread their support around, throwing $1 pledges at several creators. Before, if they supported 10 creators, they paid $10. Now they are charged a fee for every pledge, so they will pledge a total of $10 and pay nearly $14.

Now it’s starting to look kind of sketchy. OK. Really sketchy.

Choosing to increase your fees, or ask for more money, is a frightening job for creators. We are often on limited budgets, and are humbled and amazed that someone wants to give us even a dollar. And for me at least, the one dollar supporters add up. I make not-insignificant money from those dollars.

The result of this? My canceled pledges for the last day:

Screen Shot of Patreon Support loss

This is very minor compared to a lot of people’s.

Supporters are leaving. I have lost a few, and many more have reduced their pledges. I know creators who have lost dozens. I don’t blame the supporters at all; I support many people and am going to have to look at my own pledges and decide how I want to spend my money based on my fee increases.

So what do we do? Let Patreon know we’re unhappy, that’s for sure. But I’m looking into other options. Currently, you can support me via PayPal Me and Buy Me a Coffee These are less than ideal solutions since they aren’t based monthly and a reward structure is MUCH harder to handle. But if you feel the need to leave Patreon but still want to support, you can. There are other crowdfunding sites I’ll be researching today, so I’ll keep you informed.

Thank you for all the support you give me.

New Patreon Tiers, Newsletter, and more!


First the SUPER EXCITING OMG NEWS – ARCs of SIX WAKES have arrived, and they are sooooooooo shiny.

Loooook at it. ———————>>>

Anyway. Other things, I’ve revamped my Patreon tiers to include some fiction, early access to podcasts, and some other treats, including a level where I will send you a drunken annotated copy of my books.

And the last in the marketing scheme, I am building a newsletter, so if you wanna sign up, check it over there in the sidebar. Note that I abhor popup newsletter solicitations, and will never do that to you. That said, I hope you sign up anyway.

What will you get? News. Man, it’s a newsletter, what do you want? Secrets as to what was deleted in a book? Giveaways? GOLD? Well, I can do some of those, actually, but not the gold. Sorry. Maybe if I manage to sell another book soon.

That’s it, really. Check out the Patreon for new tiers. Sign up for the newsletter. LOOKIT THE NEW ARC OF MY BOOK.

Afterlife VI: STONES is done!


Cover Prototype, by Pablo Defendini

In 2011 I did a Kickstarter campaign to support the ebook design of The Afterlife Series. Multiple agents had tried to sell it, and it never caught an editor’s eye, despite being the most popular thing I had written at the time (for my listeners, anyway.) I put a high stretch goal on there, promising if someone pledged $1k I would write another novella in the series. I didn’t think it would actually go.

It did.

Life got complicated after that. Never mind that I had no idea what I was going to write. No spoilers, but at the end of Book 5: War, the fate of the characters was pretty well sealed. Then I got a deal to write two books for Orbit, and I got into an MFA program. So I blinked and three years had passed. GAH.

Long story short (shorter, anyway) this year I finally got down to writing the novella, then sent it off to a classmate for editing, then sat on the edits for a while. I just recently got through them all, and sent the book off to my designer. It’s done!

I emailed a PDF of the book to the Kickstarter supporters, and people who had supported me via Patreon (hint, if you support now you can get the free PDF long before it goes to the ebook stores!) So the book is out there to a select group, and it will be available via B&N, Smashwords, and Amazon as soon as the design is done.

But for my part, except for the ebook uploading and all that, The Afterlife Series VI: Stones is done.  And the relief I feel is monumental.


I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo this year, again. I don’t have a good track record, but what the hell, it’s fun. I’m not sure what project I’m working on, but I have a couple of things going on right now so it won’t be hard to settle on one.

And again, if you are a Patreon supporter, you will get a daily NaNoWriMo audio file. NOTE: If you’re a supporter and don’t do NaNo and don’t want the files, you can temporarily change your support level to “no reward” and you won’t get the emails. You will still get your weekly mail from me, and you can change back in December. That said, if you are currently at No Reward and want the files, you need to change to at least the $1 reward.

Welcome from BoingBoing! And Patreon update

Today BoingBoing posted an exclusive chapter from Ghost Train to New Orleans, and a little intro from me about ghosts!

And I put the Patreon up last night, and was a bit startled at how many people grabbed higher monthly payments. The five mentorships sold out quickly, and lots of people are paying for the access to the archives. I’m so excited!

I’m in the Patreon club

I’ve struggled for years – years – to make a good premium content method. It’s been clumsy and my supporters have been very patient with me. Now the product has caught up with the need, and Patreon is here.

So I’m putting a halt to new supporters of my Fabulist group and am giving out new perks to Patreon supporters.* I hope you check it out, I think it’s a great way to support someone’s creative work a little bit at a time.

Become a Patron

* Existing Fabulists, I’ve posted about this in our private community, check it out there if you have questions.