Early reports on Shambling Guide to NYC, and other news

Orbit has informed me of some really interesting reviews about The Shambling Guide to New York City lately:

  • Kirkus Reviews: STARRED REVIEW AW YEAH: “The hip, knowing and sometimes hysterically funny narrative, interspersed with excerpts from the guide of the title, lurches along in splendid fashion. Combine wit, style and acute observation: The result is irresistible.”
  • Library Journal: STARRED REVIEW AW YEAH: “… Lafferty, a 2012 nominee for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer, introduces a spirited, indomitable heroine who is bound to be a favorite of urban fantasy devotees.”
  • Romantic Times: TOP PICK AW YEAH: “…a refreshing departure from the dark and sexy face of so much urban fantasy.”
  • Publishers Weekly: “A charming debut”

Funny thing is, although PW wasn’t a starred review (though it was quite positive), today I learned that SGNYC is on PW’s “Best Summer Books of 2013” list. Right beside Connie Willis’ new collection.  “Podcast host and blogger Lafferty is known for her sharp wit, which is in evidence here.”

O_O So, uh, yeah. Wow. All I gots to say is…

[NOTE- I don’t blog a lot about current events because I’m commonly raw, numb, upset, and withhold opinions until I have information. But my heart is hurting for all of the horror that the world has experienced this week, and I hope everyone reading this is as well as they can be.)