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ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 6 – Starting late / catching up

Is it too late to start NaNoWriMo? What if you’re already behind?

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 5 – When in Doubt: Flashback

You’re going to hit walls during writing, and I’ll be giving you ways around, or through, those walls throughout the month. Advice 1- when in doubt, throw in a flashback.

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 4 – Writing Out of Order

If you get stuck, don’t worry about it. Write the scene you feel comfortable writing, and make a note that the difficult scene is missing. Easiest done with Scrivener or note cards.

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 3 – Writing Crap

The number one rule of I Should Be Writing is also the number one rule of NaNoWriMo. You are allowed to write bad stuff. Because how will you ever learn to be good until you allow yourself to write crap instead of obsessing over it?

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 2 – Beginnings

Some people stumble at the beginnings, but I am here to say STUMBLE NOT.

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 1 – Characters

Question from Twitter! How do you write characters without ripping off some other medium?

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode G – Halloween and the Midnight Hour

Apologies to Carrie Vaughn for stealing her book title.

This is it! Remember what you have learned. I’ll be stressing along beside you.

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ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode F – The Editor, and NaNoWriMo for Kids

Guest starring Princess Scientist, my 11 year old daughter.

Kill the editor. Put it in its box for a whole freaking month.

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ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode D – Community Pros and Cons

Writing is lonely, but we kind of need that solitude to actually get things done. NaNoWriMo community participation is fun and supportive, but it can have a down side.

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