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Ditch Diggers #53: The Money Taboo

  • Matt and Mur come to you live from Morgan Freeman’s Gender-Neutral Statue Factory in New Jersey (and talk about why they chose the show’s patron well).
  • Matt talks about adjusting to his new schedule with a full-time marketing writing job atop his existing full-time fiction writing job.
  • Mur apologizes for the delay in getting the last episode posted via the blog (and how she’s a pro-am DJ).
  • Mur recaps ConFusion (including a shoutout to author Michael R. Underwood), and Ditch Diggers possibly featuring a guest appearance by Justina Ireland in the near future.
  • A brief interlude to silence Mur’s excitably adorable dog.
  • Mur talks about the importance of medicating regularly when you’re prescribed medication, the consequences of not doing that, and how to cope with it.
  • How that led to an epiphany on Mur’s part about the meaning behind being mindful. She explains that epiphany, and Matt weighs in with his take on mindfulness.
  • Everybody needs schtick.
  • The Ditch Diggers talk about author Fonda Lee’s Twitter thread concerning how much she makes from her books, the response to it, positive and negative, and share their thoughts on transparency in authors’ income.
  • How to address the core issues behind the money (of lack thereof) authors make (Matt uses pro-wrestling as an analogy).
  • The disparity in people’s reaction to women making money vs. men making money in our industries, and how it is used to derail the real discussion/discourse.
  • How to positively build on the actions of author’s like Fonda Lee, and Mur talks about her own experiences selling and publishing her newest novel, SIX WAKES.
  • A writer’s self-perception vs. the their perception of “successful” authors.
  • A lament for Ursula K. Le Guin.
  • Matt offers up his Hugo Award recommendations.
  • There are no viewer questions this week, but we do have shilling and Hugo nomination pleas to get through!

Author Fonda Lee’s Twitter thread about author income.