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Linky posty

I’m having a kind of down day and not much energy. And you know what? That doesn’t make the deadlines go away. Not a bit. So I soldier on. But there’s lots of stuff online that is neat, and I don’t do nearly enough linky posty* things. So here is linky posty.

  • JoCo Got Jacked– Once upon a time, Jonathan Coulton wrote a wonderful acoustic version of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” And several years later, Glee stole it. There’s a lot of debate on whether it was illegal (as they took JoCo’s original arrangement and music) or if it was legal-but-douchey** (a cover of a cover, essentially.) FOX told JoCo he should be grateful for the “exposure” (even though they didn’t name him, so there was no exposure except the righteous anger he’s been showing online.) JoCo released his “Baby Got Back Glee Style” on iTunes and the other music distribution services and is giving the money for charity. But you’ve probably heard all of this. However, you probably haven’t heard Devo Spice’s new cover, JoCo Got Jacked, over at the FuMP. So go listen. It’s awesome.
  • My buddy Myke Cole is over at Scalzi’s The Big Idea today, promoting his new military fantasy book, Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier. You should check out the first book in his series, Shadow Ops: Control Point.
  • Excellent thoughts on writing by Chuck Wendig – Yes, Virginia, You Can Be A Paid Writer Too
  • I just found out that New Orleans is going to have a basketball team called The Pelicans. I am so happy about this. And it’s a mean pelican! Grrr! (As I’m writing a book about NOLA right now)

OK, enjoy those. I have lunch now, and then some serious writing and recording, dammit.

* more words should be in the vein of “walkie talkie” – like vacuum cleaners could be “pushy suckie” and cats “fuzzy pukies” and dogs “eatie barkies” (this is from a conversation i had many years ago with my friend Marq.)

** I now dub Fox the channel of “stealie douchie”