ISBW #282 – Rapid Fire – Recap of the last week, including HYDRA ATTACK

What’s funny is right after I recorded this, I read that the Hydra situation has been mostly dealt with by diligent work by Victoria Strauss and John Scalzi. But still, it’s important to discuss.

ISBW #275 – Rapid Fire – The Great Agent Hunt

So I’m very embarrassed, as one commenter mentioned, I kind of skipped three episodes. So in an effort to make numbers completely meaningless (actually to not confuse people in the archives) here is episode 275.

We talk about the Agent HUnt and great sites like Agent Query, Writer’s Market, and Absolute Write.

ISBW #279 – Self Esteem and dealing with followers/listeners/reviews

It’s another rapid fire episode! I talk, well, read the dang headline! There’s not much more to say! I’m trying not to obsess about reviews, listener numbers, etc.

ISBW #278 – Rapid Fire – Style Sheets

I am doing some rapid-fire shows this week, to catch up on things and to give you some content. I talk style sheets in this one, hope you like!

I mention VooDooPad, one of my favorite wiki programs.

ISBW #274 – Feedback

When I get to the feedback questions in a timely manner, the shows are a lot shorter!

How to find a literary agent:

And also: Elizabeth Bear on auctorial constructs.