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ISBW #288 – Rapid Fire – My book sale story

This is for the new listeners who may not know how I got to where I am today. Here’s most of the story!

ISBW #287 – Feedback

Feedback is back! We talk about a LOT of things, for a LONG time. Good rundown of Standard manuscript format is here.

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Visit for your free book!

ISBW #285 – Rapid Fire – Padding your novel

While most people write far too many words in their novels, and consider rewriting as a trimming process, some of us write too spare and are left with a <80000 word novel and you have to figure out how to stretch to hit wordcount.

ISBW #282 – Rapid Fire – Recap of the last week, including HYDRA ATTACK

What’s funny is right after I recorded this, I read that the Hydra situation has been mostly dealt with by diligent work by Victoria Strauss and John Scalzi. But still, it’s important to discuss.