ISBW #340 – End of the Year, Feedback

I’m doing the wacky thing of taking some time off this holiday season, no writing, little recording, and no stress thinking about writing and recording. This is a Big Deal.

Then we talk feedback! Happy holidays and I will see you in January!

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ISBW #335 – Feedback

We talk women authors, pen names, the networking bucket, and what to focus on as a newbie.

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ISBW #334 – Feedback

Harsh truth about quitting the day job, and more. Hang in there, folks. Keep writing.

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I’m writing: Afterlife Book 6: Stones

ISBW #323 – Feedback show

I know, two shows in a week. Crazypants. The biggest thing we talk about is the advice for the sailor who wants to write on his iPad. Storyist is the most popular app, mentioned by a lot of people.