Storium Launches Alpha 2!

From the Storium blog:

Alpha 2 is the latest playtest of Storium, the online storytelling game. It incorporates much of what we’ve learned from our prior playtest, and it’s a big change. Alpha 2 rethinks several of the game’s key mechanics, with the goal of making Storium faster, easier and more fun to play.

If you’re already a Storium playtester, you’re already in! Alpha 2 awaits you. We’ve left your existing games untouched. To see Alpha 2 in action, simply start or join a new game.

And if you’re interested in signing up, you can add your name by visiting

I’m looking forward in starting my first Storium game, which will be an SF space station game. Sign up and check out what’s already there, and I’ll post here when the game is live.

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