RT nomination and other news

I have exciting newsy stuff!

First, to my utter shock and delight, The Shambling Guide to New York City was nominated for Best Urban Fantasy Novel of 2013 by RT Book Reviews! The awards are given out at the RT convention in May, and I’ll be there for sure! Other nominees include Karen Lord, Lauren Beukes, Mary Robinette Kowal, Diana Rowland, John Scalzi, Paul Cornell, and many other talented authors. Check out the nominees!

The other news is of a more personal nature. I’ve signed with a new agent: Jen Udden at the Donald Maass Literary Agency! Jen and I bonded at WorldCon and I’m super excited to be working with her. I’ll be putting her info on my Contact page.

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9 Responses to RT nomination and other news

  1. Trick Brown says:

    Congratulations Mur!

    I’ve been following the podcast and your work since 2007. You’ve paid your dues, so it is time for you to have your over-night success. ;-)

    Your recent accolades couldn’t be more deserving.

  2. A3 says:

    Congratulations, Mur!

  3. That’s fantastic Mur! I’m not at all surprised by the nomination – I love Shambling Guide and can’t wait for the next one! Keep up the great job!

  4. Tim Niederriter says:

    Congratulations Mur! Very happy for you right now!

  5. andrew says:

    Could not wait, so I bought the book. I have enjoyed the podcast since May?, so now it is time to payup. Look forward to book 2.
    Warm Regards from Tucson.

  6. Dave Wilson says:

    So awesome! Congratulations, Mur!

  7. Jason says:

    Woo! Congratulations on both counts! Both are very well deserved.

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