Review: Christmas Cupid

cupidAnother movie review:

This one is… weird. A career-driven Hollywood PR consultant is managing a wild and uncaring young pop star. She’s designing a big Xmas day TV event that has everyone grumbling that they want to be home then. Unfortunately, the party-hard star chokes on an olive and dies. Realizing she has to turn the Xmas day event into a memorial, our PR person is haunted by the star who sticks around to show her three spirits to illustrate her shallow life.

Only… it’s called Christmas Cupid…

But it’s clearly A Christmas Carol…


This movie, not good. And yet I watched it all the way through, the way I wouldn’t have other movies, because for one reason: the Marley/Cupid character, Caitlyn. While Jacob Marley was repentant and remorseful in death, Caitlyn appears to be just like she was when she was alive. She watches with interest as the PR firm plans the spectacle of her funeral, and acts bored when something poignant happens to Sloane, our Scrooge. She is there to help Sloan see the error of her ways, but she does it with the zeal of a teenager mowing the lawn while thinking about the party she’s going to later. It’s actually pretty funny.

Flaws: Lord, everything else. Sloane falls under our cookie cutter bitch label. The whole “the coffee you fetched for me is just the wrong temperature, minion” bitch executive move is officially cliche’ now. It’s like a villain kicking a puppy, and only it’s used for identifying evil corporate women.

Stars: Christina Millan, Jackee
Storytelling: 1/5
Characters: 3/5 (bumped up from 1 because of Marley/Caitlyn and Jackee, who is always funny)
Closeness to Christmas Carol: 11/10 (Come on. Own it, already.)
Feminism: 3/5
Romance: 2/5
Is Christmas Saved?: I don’t even remember. I guess. Do I have to watch it again?
Deadly olives: 1

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