Reading 2015, Goals for 2016

In 2015 I made a goal to read only* women, PoC, and other marginalized voices this year a la the Tempest Challenge.

* well, as many as possible. I couldn’t skip all cis straight white dudes, because I had research to do, (and I decided not to stop reading comics based on the makeup of the creative team, but I did put all of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s and Gail Simone’s indie comics on my pull list and no regrets there!), but I did my best. I tried to keep track via Goodreads, which indicates I read 70 books this year and of those, 53 were written by marginalized voices (as far as I know).

So what for 2016? I will certainly keep my focus on reading marginalized voices (there are several I didn’t get to), but this year I want to focus on a new problem: my TBR pile is just too big. I know that everyone says that, and in some cases it’s almost a matter of pride. But I think I perhaps will actually try to do something about it this year.

So in 2016, I will read only** books that I already own. Ebooks, audio books, and paper books. There are a lot.*** I’ll be keeping track on Goodreads again if you want to keep up (I have over 500 books on my Want To Read list), and I’m still tracking women, people of color, and I may add a GBLQT tag (but it’s admittedly harder to track that – I think the Queers Destroy line might help me make an author list to start with).

** Except for:

  1. Gifts. I will tell my loved ones I’m trying to cut back on book buying, but if given something I won’t say no.
  2. Like 2015, I will purchase research books and accept books for blurbs and interviews.
  3. Comic books
  4. Audiobooks – I have downgraded my monthly credits from 3 to 1. It’s good to have if I need for, say, those research books, etc.
  5. Also I had a moment of weakness and bought a bunch of books today, 12/31. I’m only human.

I think those are my only exceptions. It will be tough. Book shopping a big time retail therapy for me. But this will let me finally read a lot of things I’ve owned for far too long (I’ve had the Gay Talese biography longer than Jim and I have been married), and finally get to talk about certain books I’ve only nodded along about.

Wish me luck.

*** I admit that this may embarrass me – “wait, you haven’t read [IMPORTANT BOOK] yet???” but I must soldier on. Better to read stuff late than not at all.

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