Random thoughts – Podcast reach, missing files, and 2013 events/appearances

I was looking at my stats today. I don’t like looking at my numbers, as they haven’t really done much in the past several years. I hit a plateau of listeners and didn’t really budge.

And yeah, “Do more regular shows,” is the clear answer. I know. I know.

But I decided to peek at them today. January had a noted increase from December, and Feb looks like it might just outpace January. So that was cool. Then I found out Libsyn gives a neato map of your podcast reach. So here are the people listening to ISBW:

Click on image to embiggen.

Click on image to embiggen.

I was delighted with all of the listeners in the Southern Hemisphere, I usually hear from Australia and New Zealand, I didn’t know I had listeners in South America and most of Africa. Of course, now I’m looking at the little white countries and wondering if anyone knows anyone in Greenland, or Suriname, or Ethiopia to spread the message of I Should Be Writing?

People are bringing to my attention that there were files on the poor departed website that died in the destruction of the site. One of the things was a critique sheet given to me by, I believe, my producer Patrick Hester. I’ve found a copy and am uploading it again, you can find it here. Critique Template Word

I’ll be including my appearances this year on a permanent page shortly, but I wanted to mention now that I have the following cons/appearances coming up:

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