The Page One Project

The Page One Project is a weekly gift from Mur to you. 250 - 500 words of the beginning of a story, and you can do with it what you will. Continue the story. Edit the heck out of it and make it a poem. Use it as inspiration for your webcomic. Make it the beginning of a bestselling trilogy. Quote it in interpretive dance. I don’t care.

All you have to do is mention the work began as part of The Page One project and include Mur’s name. That’s it.

Bell the Cat

"Maybe we can use prisoners." The eager-faced private was probably a little older than most recruits, but carried herself well as she refilled water glasses in the war room.


The Mediterranean Song*

The clock was already going to tell him he'd lost the spot, wasn't it?


The Gentlemen’s Cemetery

They told me that all of society's walls — class, racism, sexism — they fall after death.


The Daughters’ Pact

'Dead at school or alive in the woods,' Darla had said. But she had wanted to meet at night, and Serena's closest experience with nature had been her mother's window flower box.


Announcing The Page One Project