Playing For Keeps in the Bundle of Holding!

I’m in a bundle! I’m in a bundle! Since we’re writers and stuff, many of us who have written in RPGs have also written fiction (me*, Matt Forbeck, Chuck Wendig, and others). So Allen Varney got a group of books together and decided to call it the Bundle of Holding and offer the ebooks, DRM free, for a “choose what you pay” price. While not an official “Humble Bundle” it works in the same way: The authors get a cut, a charity (in this case, Childs Play or Reading is Fundamental) gets a cut, and the site upkeep gets a cut. You choose what you pay, you choose what percentage goes to to the three recipients, and you get a bunch of awesome, DRM-free ebooks. Win-win-win. So go check it out!


FYI- when the rights to Playing For Keeps reverted back to me, the publisher said they had the rights to the Superman-homage cover and I was no longer allowed to use it, so we’re back to the 2007 cover. Don’t get confused- it’s the same book!

*I do know that the fact that I wrote RPG fiction will be the news flash for some of you (instead of me writing fiction), but I did do RPGs first, then fiction. You can find my stuff in older Mage, Vampire, Exalted, and WoW RPGs.

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