ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 7 – Help! I’ve written into a corner!

That lovely mental image of the painter, painting the floor, and the whole floor is done and the painter is in the corner, with no escape. What should she do?

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 5 – When in Doubt: Flashback

You’re going to hit walls during writing, and I’ll be giving you ways around, or through, those walls throughout the month. Advice 1- when in doubt, throw in a flashback.

ISBW #310 – Writing Rituals // Tobias Buckell Interview (live from WorldCon!)

Building a ritual can help you write. But what happens when that goes away? Also, I talked to the utterly charming Tobias Buckell at WorldCon this year about his books, writing multicultural characters (and fighting back when people complain about non-white protagonists.)

ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 3 – Writing Crap

The number one rule of I Should Be Writing is also the number one rule of NaNoWriMo. You are allowed to write bad stuff. Because how will you ever learn to be good until you allow yourself to write crap instead of obsessing over it?