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Mur Lafferty is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy novelist, veteran podcaster, blogger, and essayist.


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I Should Be Writing #386:

ISBW386 NaNoWriMo Primer 2

Are you ready for NaNoWriMo?

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Ditch Diggers #49:

DD049 Happiness in darkness

The week in crappy freelance news and how to keep your focus and happiness.

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Today's Page One Project

Bell the Cat

"Maybe we can use prisoners." The eager-faced private was probably a little older than most recruits, but carried herself well as she refilled water glasses in the war room.


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Adulting Hardcore

I've started the Artist's Way again- specifically the Finding Water, the Art of Perseverance book.

2016: Reading

Peeking out of the burrow

Update on Wake Cty. Author Tea

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