The Murverse

A World Gone Mad

In a world where wild animals dominate the world outside of small towns, and adults simply don’t feel the state of the world is their problem, children are all that stand between the chaotic wilderness and the calm comforts of home.

The animals aren’t just any animals. Either the product of a mad scientist or a drunk god, the creatures that prowl the tall grass include a beast that seems to be just a stomach and a nose, an animate sword with an eye, a pig whose lower half is a spring, and more. The whole world is made of these monsters- not just animals, but everything from plants to rocks to the air itself.

One wonders what people eat in this world; it seems that they would shy away from all plant and animal matter. near as I can tell, there are no potato monsters, which is good, since that’s what we will eat if the bees die. They seem to eat berries, but I do not know where the get their protein or fat.

So these monsters prowl the world and the adults seem perfectly calm to sit around and live their lives, sending their children into the wilderness to log inforation about the animals and capturing them for further studies.

Then it gets weird.

My avatar, a young girl, had gathered an impressive stable of monsters. She was minding her own business when a preschooler taunted her and


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