The Murverse

The Fabulists have returned!

I finally decided to move the premium group, the Secret Society of Ink Splattered Fabulists, to Google Groups. This moves it away from WordPress which means it won’t cripple the site. So now you can subscribe through PayPal, get in the group, and find all the content that way!

EXISTING FABULISTS: You don’t need to do anything! This is for new fabulists!

The premium content club, The Secret Society of the Ink Splattered Fabulists, gives premium audio and video, and discounts on any ISBW items sold at this site. It also simply supports the podcast, which is awesome.

Silver Fabulist Subscription: $3 a month

Gold Fabulist Subscription: $33 a year (That’s one month free!)

Super Ultra Mega-Mega Subscription: $150 lifetime (That’s essentially paying for five years of content, and the rest is absolutely free forever.)

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