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A Pre-Christmas Announcement – Blog Series

My little brother-from-another-father, Matt Fn Wallace, and I have many things different. He is tall and has a history in wrestling and hates writers. I’m not so tall, have a history in making coffee, and have a writing podcast. We have many things in common, though. We share the same birthday. We both can quote The Office (US) incessantly. And we both love Christmas.

I love Christmas so much that I will actually take a chance on those made for TV movies that are so wretched. Hallmark and ABC Family are the most egregious offenders, but Disney and, hell, Hollywood have done their damage. But every once in a while you will find a gem. More often you will be crying in your eggnog because you’re wasting your life watching terrible movies all the the spirit of a blog post series.

So yes, Matt and I will be blogging Christmas movies this December. We may hit on some classics, but frankly in most cases the non-classics are more fun to write about. They inspire more swearing, at least. We hope you will be amused.


I am very forgiving when it comes to Xmas movies. I may like something the rest of the world thinks is tripe.

I am not a Christian. I love Christmas as a secular holiday. While I love Christmas songs/carols, whether snow worshipping or Jesus worshipping, that love doesn’t translate to movies. I tend to avoid movies that beat you over the head with Jesus. Weaving it into the plot, I don’t mind. People pray for George Bailey, the angels send someone to help: Good. “Someone’s trying to stop this small town’s Christmas traditions — but the locals have the Lord on their side!” No.*

  • A real blurb about a movie I found on Netflix: Christmas With a Capital C, in case the blurb entices you.
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