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Hooks and how to set them

I recently finished reading How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back by Diana Rowland. Her tale of Angel, the high school dropout pill popping loser teen-turned zombie has grown quite well from delinquent kid into someone willing to get her life together, to struggling with a job, to taking her GED, discovering her dyslexia, and then, in WTZGHGB – that’s a mouthful, I’m just going to shorten it to Groove – feeling like a fifth wheel among highly trained spies and soldiers on a mission.

Even though we’re four books into the series, we still have Angel thrown into fish out of water scenarios. Every time she gets comfortable with her place in the world, Rowland throws her somewhere new, so we get to keep seeing her quick wit and innovation and self-doubt.

And Angel’s self-doubt is a rock in her river, not a dam. She doesn’t let it crush her (like some authors I know – OK, just me) but instead acknowledges it, and goes ahead anyway because she has to, and she knows it’s the right thing to do.

But really, I want to talk about hooks. And to do that I have to spoil Groove, and some of the other books. If you’ve read them, read on. If you haven’t read them, and want to read them academically, then read on. If you care about spoilers, bookmark this post and read it after you’ve enjoyed the books.

Spoiler space for people linked directly to this post…






OK. Let’s get started.

Hook #1- Love interest(s). While Angel has had a mostly solid relationship with Marcus, the cop zombie who turned her,

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