Now Available: The Afterlife Series VI: Stones


Cover art by Pablo Defendini

About (mumble) years ago, I ran a kickstarter campaign to self publish my Afterlife series, and said I would continue my series one more novella if we hit a stretch goal. *

Surprisingly, I did hit the goal, so I’ve been working on the final story in the interim years. A book deal and a graduate program kind of slowed me down, but it’s finally done. And here is the final Afterlife novella, Stones!

The Afterlife Series VI: Stones

Kate and Daniel are back for one final adventure! After giving up their powers to exist peacefully as the sun and moon, the couple are distressed to find that a cultish group of children have taken it upon themselves to search for the dead gods in a most disturbing way. The failed gods try to meddle once more, and find themselves on their most rewarding journey yet through The Reach, a new afterlife.

Available via ebook from the author.
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* This was not called a stretch goal at the time. Old school kickstarter.

Also, all of my ebooks are now available directly from me at Payhip. Find out more on my books page!

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