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The New Murverse!

Welcome to the new site! Insert little construction worker circa 1995 here.

I’m back to the blog after far too long away. Pablo Defendini and I have been working on a complete site redesign (OK Pablo’s been working on it while I watch and learn a new CMS) for the past several months, and while podcasting is still going on, blogging has essentially stopped. So! Here’s the latest news for the past few months:

I Should Be Writing (the book)

ISBW came out in late August. We had some distribution hiccups so it has taken a while to get to where it needs to go, and I’m sorry about that to anyone who was waiting.

But to my astonishment, it ended up in a Barnes and Noble list of 13 Books That Offer a Masters In Sci-Fi Fantasy. I’m up there with books I’ve long admired like Storyteller by Kate Wilhelm and On Writing by Stephen King. Another thing to put on the list to tell young Mur when I go back in time.

It’s available now, and has some pretty good reviews, so check it out. (Easily available from our Books page!)

Six Wakes

Six Wakes earned out in its first six months, something I’m very proud of. The Shambling Guides took four years to earn out, and while those advances were bigger, it’s still a thrill to know I’ll be seeing royalties for both every six months now. (So long as people keep buying. So, uh, please do.)

Goodreads Choice Awards

The news that floored me, though, was the Goodreads Choice Awards nomination! See, when their first round nominations went out, and my book wasn’t on the list, I was sad for a bit and then went on with my life. Little did I know that you can also write in nominations, and they take the top five write-ins to take to the semifinal. Thanks so much to everyone who voted, it means the world to me.


I always see the end of the year as a hard stop, like there’s a length of nothing time between December and January, because they’re in different years, see. December and January aren’t close to one another! They’re 12 months apart!

(Xcept they are close.) I forget I need to start thinking about winter and spring conventions. Thankfully one of my favorite cons, ConFusion, allowed me to ping them late and get on programming. So I’ll be attending that in Novi, Michigan, in January.

2018 will also have me traveling to WorldCon (San Jose) and of course the local cons, mainly Illogicon, but I have nothing else planned currently.


I’m currently doing NaNoWriMo, and although I’m behind, I’m still working hard. I got to be a NaNo coach last week, meaning I got to write a blog post and take questions via their Twitter account.

HEY did you know i’m doing a daily NaNoWriMo podcast? All you need to do to get it is support me via Patreon!

Works In Progress

I can’t say! I have one project that hasn’t been announced yet that I’m very excited about. I’m waiting for some feedback on that, so it’s on hold for the moment.

In other news I’m working on a new SF novel on spec for NaNoWriMo that is code named Pockets. It’s also a mystery, but not in the Six Wakes universe.

I’m also doing a serial for my patrons, but I’m behind on that because of NaNoWriMo. I hope to get something out to you soon. That one is rough draft named Remora and Sam.

And I have an interactive fiction thing I’m working on called Limby, Are You Out There? If I can make it the project I want to, I’ll have my good friend Grant Baciocco work with me and bring puppets into the mix.


This is Rosa, aka New Dog. She is an American bulldog, a rescue from the pound (they don’t call it the pound anymore though) and very funny. She’s also super dominant which is just fine for our “I’mma roll over and show you my belly now” submissive lab.

I think that’s everything. Remember, on this site, the podcasts and the blog are separate. Let me know if you encounter any problems! mightymur at gmail.

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