LetterMo, and the Stages of Good News

I’ve decided that I have a huge pile of stationery and awesome postcards and I don’t mail a lot of letters. So I’m taking advantage of Mary Robinette Kowal’s brainchild, LetterMo, where you pledge to send mail in February. It’s the 3rd, so I’m ALREADY behind.

Here’s my LetterMo profile. If you want to send me mail, I’d be happy to write back:

Mur Lafferty
8311 Brier Creek Parkway
Ste 105274
Raleigh, NC 27617

I got good news recently. It’s a secret. And it’s thrown my week into chaos, hence the podcasts being late.

But about reactions and stuff: I’ve been watching myself from the outside, wondering why I can’t have what we all think of as a “normal” reaction to good news. Something like this:

But it seems that I always react like this:

A day passes. I try to process again.

And then I start to feel awkward, like I’m doing it wrong and everyone is watching me. I forgot how to person.

Thus, I have developed:
The Mur 5 Stages of Good News

1: What?

2: Me?

(aside: oh 16 Candles, you problematic piece of shit that I know I can never watch again but still have 1/2 of a fond memory of.)

3: OMG

4: Someone will take this away from me any minute now.

5: I’m so going to fuck this up.

Will announce when I can. Till then, don’t mind me, I’ll be walking around going, “Wha?”

by Mur

Herself who runneth this site.

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