Just Announced: Netflix acquires rights to THE SHAMBLING GUIDES

Illustrated by Jamie McKelvie

I’ve talked a lot in podcasts about the frustration of having to sit on news, and boy howdy, I’ve been sitting on this one a long time. But it was announced yesterday: Netflix has purchased the option for The Shambling Guide to NYC and Ghost Train to New Orleans!

The Tracking Board had the exclusive and Tor.com did a great post about it this morning. [EDIT- it appeared on BoingBoing this afternoon! Thanks, Cory Doctorow!]

A few FAQs:

  • Does this mean the series will continue?
    Orbit did not wish to continue the series, but I may write some follow-up novellas and self publish them.
  • When will we get to see it?
    This is a movie option, which means Netflix has the rights to make a movie of the story if they so choose. It’s no guarantee that a movie will be made. That said, we had to hold onto the information for a very long time so it’s possible that this announcement means they’re moving forward now. I’ve heard nothing either way, and I’m trying not to get my hopes up; that way lies madness and obsession.
  • Will it be a movie or a TV show like OITNB?
    They indicate they want to make it a movie, but they have the rights to change their minds and make it a TV show if they decide to go that way.
  • daveed 1Are you involved with the writing/casting/key gripping/best boying?
    Alas, no. But if they want to put Daveed Diggs in the movie as Arthur, I wouldn’t say no.

Regardless, I’m so grateful I can finally talk about this! Be ready for the next podcast!

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