ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 24 – Should you take a day off?

It’s the holidays, things are stressful, and you might be wanting to take some time off. Should you?

And sorry about the lack of prompts for the next few eps. I didn’t have the energy and then I didn’t have the time.

Writing prompt- Monsters! Monsters, aliens, vampires, zombies, etc, they all need things to survive. Even supernaturals, if they don’t eat, they either get very cranky or very slow/sick. So if your characters comes across a monster, consider its habitat. It didn’t come to be in that room/cave/what have you just waiting for the character. It had to be eating something this time. What – or who – was it?

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One Response to ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 24 – Should you take a day off?

  1. A.G. Lindsay says:

    Even though I didn’t really prep for the entire month, I did recognize that there might be times that I couldn’t soldier through 1700 words each day. When you mentioned the pacemaker site, lo these many days ago, I had plugged in my end date as Nov 29 instead of the 30th, just in case I couldn’t write on Thanksgiving, and that’w what I used to plan my words/day.

    I’m now a little afraid that if I take the day off entirely that I might not be able to get back to that 1700 words a day on Friday. So, maybe I’ll finish early.

    (That is if I can get to writing today…)

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