ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 23 – Thanksgiving preparation

Sorry to international fans, we’re talking about how to get through Thanksgiving!

And sorry about the lack of prompts for the next few eps. I didn’t have the energy and then I didn’t have the time.

Writing prompt- What’s your character’s favorite holiday? And if they’re not of this earth, there should still be holidays, and which one do they prefer?

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One Response to ISBW NaNoWriMo Special Episode 23 – Thanksgiving preparation

  1. Gregory says:

    Hi Mur,

    I’m so sad that this year seems to be hard for you. I know what you are writing is something people will read I’m really lulling for you. … This year bearings me to half of the word count Ray Bradbury stated as the minimum before your work is worthy reading… I think it was one million words.., I am sad no one will read about my characters but I am writing a story that is too personal to me and my issues to share,,,, I’m enjoying it and listening to you daily… Thanks so much for the podcast I look forward to it every day. My girlfriend is hurt I don’t want her reading it but its too raw and I’m god you talked about that last week… Love you Mur… Take care…

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