ISBW #321 – Feedback show!

I go through the emails and discuss series, and agents, and iPad word processors.

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3 Responses to ISBW #321 – Feedback show!

  1. Brenn C says:

    For your soldier asking about iPad writing apps: The one I use the most is iA Writer. It has the simplest interface, at least for me. Lumping it in with Simplenote and PlainText, because all three will let you write when you don’t have signal, but have upload and sharing capabilities when you do have signal. PlainText also links with Dropbox if you use that for storage. They also let you email files directly from the app, or just as the body of the email.

    Out of all the ones I’ve tried, those are the ones still on my iPad after two years. Mine is WiFi only so the zero signal capability is important to me too. Hope this has helped!

  2. Paula Acton says:

    I recently took another look at Evernote, they now have a desktop version which you can download to use when you have no Internet but will sync with the online version when you can connect. Also of course this has the advantage of being free, I have it for windows but there were several other options so may be worth checking out.

  3. Gilbert says:

    I have a similar problem tha the soldier. As I have a rather demanding day job I have to carve out time to write. Usually I write every day twice 45min on the train on my iPad (offline) and on the weekend or if I find time in the evening on my Mac. I use Storyist, which is a great writing tool with lots of useful features. You can have different projects and with the projects you have functionality that helps with plotting, character sheets, scene sheets etc. It has slightly less features than Scrivener (especially for the plotters), but the biggest advantage is the seamless synchronisation via dropbox. When I come home, first thing I do is to synchonise and afterwards I have the same documents available on my Mac. It has even an iPhone version, I take all my notes in Storyist – even when I’m stuck in the subway without connection. Next time I have a connection, I just press the synch button and I can continue working on my documents on other tools.

    The iPad/iPhone app is not that expensive. However, the Mac version costs around $50. I hope my thoungs help. Happy writing.