ISBW #318 – Read the fine print // Max Gladstone Interview

I was delighted to interview 2013 Campbell nominee, Max Gladstone, and I only held onto the interview for like 3 months. And then realized we got cut off at the end. BUT IT IS A GOOD INTERVIEW DANGIT.

I also give my opinions of reading the fine print, told in the perspective of the Amtrak Writer’s Residency idea.

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2 Responses to ISBW #318 – Read the fine print // Max Gladstone Interview

  1. Great interview!

    I remember the Alphasmart Neo. I considered buying one before I had a laptop, and afterward for it’s single tasking/unitool/non-connected nature. I long for a non-connected, eInk screened, keyboard capable tablet, but since it doesn’t exit, I’ll have to force myself to be good, instead.


  2. Peter Ellis says:

    For those interested in what Max was saying at the end of the interview he has posted his “poker analogy” on his site

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