ISBW #287 – Feedback

Feedback is back! We talk about a LOT of things, for a LONG time. Good rundown of Standard manuscript format is here.

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6 Responses to ISBW #287 – Feedback

  1. Juliasd says:

    Hey Mur! I always love your show. Your listener who was asking about body language might be interested in a book my dad bought me for Christmas called “The EmotionThesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression” by ANgela Ackerman and Becca Puglist. I have found it pretty useful so far.

  2. Mur, on the subject of conveying emotion in writing, a member of my writing group had this book with her one evening, and she swears by it:

    Yes, there actually IS an emotion thesaurus!

    You might send that on to the person who mentioned wanting it.

  3. And on the subject of fictional blogs for fictional characters…Elizabeth Bear and Emma Bull and a host of other writers have this fantastic series they’ve written that is a collection of fanfiction about a TV show that never existed.

    That’s right: they invented a TV show that never existed, and then wrote (and are writing) fanfiction about the characters.

    It’s quite good. Here’s a link:

    The collections of “episodes” and supplemental materials are available for free online or you can get them as books on the Kindle for $2.99 each.

    Anyway, several of the characters have LiveJournal accounts that are written as though they are that character talking about the events of some case or personal experience. A lot of the LJ exchanges are in the books.

    • Thanks, Gary, for the info on fictional blogs–and thanks Mur for posing the question out to your listeners. Oddly enough I’m reading their Shadow Unit book series right now on my Kindle. Weird how things work out.

  4. Mercy Loomis says:

    For your listener asking about an emotion thesaurus.

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