ISBW #285 – Rapid Fire – Padding your novel

While most people write far too many words in their novels, and consider rewriting as a trimming process, some of us write too spare and are left with a <80000 word novel and you have to figure out how to stretch to hit wordcount.

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2 Responses to ISBW #285 – Rapid Fire – Padding your novel

  1. I understand. I’m in the middle of the research phase so if you wanted a new idea to cover. I’ve listened to the early ones through 80 and it really wasn’t covered. Mostly through 160 on so I might appreciate this. Thanks.

  2. It’s actually nice to hear a writer admit they pad their work. Everything I read on how to write always seems to dismiss padding, saying something to the effect of ‘if it doesn’t matter to the plot don’t add it.’ So, knowing other pad their work, looking for more words to add instead of what words to remove (which is always important) is a nice breath of fresh air.

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