ISBW #277 – Rapid Fire – 2013 Convention Etiquette Episode

Do prep work. Be friendly. Ask questions. Leave the shyness at home. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t be a creeper. You’ll do fine.

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3 Responses to ISBW #277 – Rapid Fire – 2013 Convention Etiquette Episode

  1. Suggestion for authors: at panels you are on, do not build a wall of your books in front of you. If the panel is about “My new book” or some such, sure wave it around. But no Great Walls of Books.

  2. Joe Kawano says:

    What is it that creepers at conventions are actually doing? Is it just mutely shadowing others for extended periods—or, as it I feel like is being implied, are they actively saying and doing (other) things that are inappropriate and freaky?

  3. mur says:

    Joe, you can read about the most talked about creeper story of last year, the Readercon Creeper, which can answer your questions. It’s more than being creepy, it’s thinking that your need to be near someone (or talk to them, or hit on them, or touch them in a friendly/flirty way, or even your need to apologize and tell “your side” of the story) is more important than a woman’s need for safety, comfort, or any other desire she may have that doesn’t coincide with yours.

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