ISBW #273 – Publishing talk and David Lubar Interview

The show brings children’s and YA author David Lubar to the mic, along with my daughter Princess Scientist to kick us off with a “no offense” question.

Things we discuss in the show: Publishing, Nathan Bransford’s report about B&N, and David Lubar!

Attack of the Ninja Weenies

Beware the Ninja Weenies

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3 Responses to ISBW #273 – Publishing talk and David Lubar Interview

  1. Mercy Loomis says:

    It’s “Wisconsinites.”

    Are we really that well known for politeness? We always say that about Canadians…

  2. Nace Phlaux says:

    I’m very point-based as well, but I use an Android phone. For those waiting for Chore Hero to port to Android, there’s an app called Task Hammer. It’s the only to-do app that’s worked for me with its blend of points and RPG elements.

  3. Joe says:

    Hi! Recently, I was working on interactive fiction, and did some research on Choose Your Own Adventures… You mentioned a CYOA story that does have a Utopian ending which you have no way of getting to, and you mentioned wanting to find it again. The name of the book, I believe, is “Inside the UFO 54-40” ( which had a number of weird twists and turns. One person postulates that there may have been a page to solve a math problem or some other puzzle that was an in-text clue, to get you there, but it is generally agreed that this Utopian ending is unreachable by conventional means.