ISBW #266 – NaNo and Pip Ballantine Interview

Today: packing for NOLA road trip. Reading Escape Pod slush. Recording FOR YOU.

I talk NaNoWriMo and play a Pip Ballantine interview!

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4 Responses to ISBW #266 – NaNo and Pip Ballantine Interview

  1. Loved the NaNoWriMo pep talk. First drafts are UGLY. It’s just about getting the skeleton out there. Then you can layer on the muscle and skin.

  2. M.J. Brudenell says:

    Hey Mur, Great episode. I loved the interview with Pip. Also, it felt like you were talking directly to me, about my 1,000 word count for Nano. Thanks for the motivation. I will continue onward.

  3. Torch says:

    You & Pip both mentioned a software that monitored your word count. What is the name of that software? Thank you!

    This was the first time I had listened to your podcast & I really enjoyed it! Thank you!!