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Escape Pod

Escape Pod

Escape Pod

I’ve been bad about announcing this, but it went public two weeks ago that I have rejoined the editorial staff of Escape Pod! We put Mothership Zeta on hiatus and then the new editor Divya Breed invited me join her as she took the helm of EP.

I love podcast fiction and I’ve always loved EP, so I happily stayed with the Escape Artists family in another role. I’ve been working on the backend (stories, decision making, etc) for a few months now, but we just announced it to the public. Today will feature my first host spot.

It’s great to be back at the longest running short fiction podcast. We have some big plans for the future, including planning for the big episode 600.

Nebula Weekend

So many of my friends are off at the Nebulas this weekend, and I hope they have a great time. I’ll be watching the awards ceremony on Saturday night – I know too many nominees not to. It’s a tough year, which is a good thing for science fiction.

The Nebulas are our industry awards, voted on only by members of SFWA. They often mirror the Hugo Award ballot, but not always (especially in the past few years.) This year they’re fairly close, actually. Sadly, the Nebulas don’t award comics or podcasts, but there is an award for movies: The Bradbury.

And, as Ursula Vernon let me hold hers once, I can attest that one can use the statue as a very effective blunt weapon. So if the revolution comes on Nebula night, I’d hide behind a winner if I were you.

Official Cover for I Should Be Writing

My editor sent me more details about the I Should Be Writing book, which is slated for release August 8. The final cover just came out, and it’s a beauty. You can totally preorder it, you know.

I Should Be Writing cover

I Should Be Writing cover

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