Help me destroy science fiction!

A while ago I read a blog post complaining bitterly about changing Starbuck into a woman, and how all these wimmins were destroying science fiction. I was tired; instead of arguing that no, we aren’t, I decided screw it. Let it happen. Let’s destroy science fiction with our fallopian tubes, bitches! SF writer (and now a Hugo winner) Pat Cadigan caught up the call, delighted to yell WITH MY FALLOPIAN TUBES, BITCHES!!!

A few years later, someone else was talking about women destroying SF, and Lightspeed magazine decided, what the hell, let’s do it too. So they planned an issue of the magazine with a guest editor, with only female authors, with a female podcast producer, and a female podcast host. That host person is me!

Submissions are still open for another week! Check it out and submit, submit!

They’re doing a Kickstarter to support it, and it’s got about a week left. It’s gone so well that they’ve decided to destroy horror as well (stretch goal reached!) and destroy fantasy too! (less than $8000 to go)

So check it out and support if you can, it’s going to be an excellent issue of Lightspeed and I’m so proud to be part of this destructive campaign.

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