Hamilton + Undertale = AWESOME

When Jim and I first tried to explain the Hamilton phenomenon to our kid, I said, “You know how your friends are going crazy over Undertale? That’s what my friends are doing over Hamilton.”

She was curious, so we played the soundtrack over the holiday road trip. She fell in love with it, and decided that those two tastes would be great together, so she made her first music video. She worked hard to try to match the characters (with some advice from my friend Sunil Patel, who is also a fan of both media), and picked one of her favorite songs. Considering she’s also got matches for King George and the Schuyler sisters, I doubt this is the last video she’ll do.

So with great pride, I present to you: part of “Aaron Burr, Sir” performed by the characters of the computer game Undertale, created by our 13 year old daughter, Fiona.

by Mur

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