Ghost Train to New Orleans, NaNo, and ISBW update

So many recordings, so little time!

FirstGhost Train to New Orleans episode 8 is here! And did you hear that Amazon and Hachette stopped fussing at one another? Yes, you can get copies of Ghost Train to New Orleans and The Shambling Guide to New York City from Amazon lickety-split now, no “arrives in 2-3 weeks” BS.

Ghost Train to New Orleans
The book: Chapel Hill Comics (signed!) ~ B&N ~Powell’s ~ Amazon (aff. link)Indiebound ~ Waterstones
The audiobook: Ambling Books ~ Audible

The Shambling Guide to New York City
The book: B&N ~ Indie ~ Waterstones Chapel Hill Comics (signed!) ~ Powell’s ~ Amazon (aff. link)
The audiobook: Ambling ~ Audible

Second – NaNoWriMo, yeah, it doesn’t look good, but I’m still writing. Still podcasting daily for Patreon supporters, although Patreon is not allowing me to send patrons emails anymore. Links are posted in the Patreon-only updates.

Third– ISBW with interviews is on hiatus until I can get my computer and recording rig setup working again. I don’t know what’s wrong, which is kind of worse because I don’t know what to fix. Apologies.

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