The Murverse

GenCon Schedule

This year (tomorrow!) I’m going to GenCon for the first time! I’ve always wanted to go as a gamer, and suddenly I’m going as a writing pro as part of the Writer’s Symposium. The world is weird.


10:00 AM Business of Writing: Self Publishing 101 — Cabinet Room

4:00 PM Short Fiction: Beating the Slush Pile — Chamber Room

6:00 STORIUM LIVE! — (Actually I’m not sure where this one is. Check your program)


12:00 PM Writer’s Craft: Making Old Ideas Awesome — Chamber Room

1:00 PM Crowdfunding: Running the Campaign — Congress Room

3:00 PM Special Event: The Once and Future Podcast LIVE Mega-Cast!– Chamber Room

6:25 PM Writing Excuses — Cabinet Room


11:00 AM Signing — Exhibit Hall

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