Ditch Diggers #52: Cleaning Out Old Business

NOTE: I was in Detroit for ConFusion and didn’t get a chance to post this until today- Mur

  • The Ditch Diggers come to you live for the first time in 2018 from Morgan Freeman’s snow bungalow (which is actually a bungalow made from snow)!
  • Morgan Freeman and Kryptonian technology, how he is the only man who can act as his own attorney and is NOT a fool, which is also the premise of his next movie, and his eternal feud and love affair with Betty White.
  • Matt talks about fulfilling his major 2018 writing career goal right under the wire, defying all freelance writing conventions of the industry closing down over the holidays, how it came about, and thanks everyone for their support and encouragement.
  • Mur talks about dog surgeries and her novel SIX WAKES being nominated for the prestigious Philip K. Dick Award!
  • Ditch Diggers will now be recording weekly!
  • Wrapping up their career recaps, the theme of the premiere episode of the year emerges: Old Business!
  • Mur and Matt continue to be bad at segues, and gods willing they always will be.
  • Mur assures listener Allie Wade that we WILL answer her questions about contracts by dedicating a whole episode to it in 2018. We will also get Cameron Rowe’s blueprints for Morgan Freeman’s imagined compound up on the website.
  • Mur digs into the email bag for questions unanswered from 2017.
  • The Ditch Diggers respond to a question about new authors using samples of their work as free promotion, and when and how that crosses the line into working for free.
  • @TheFaldor on Twitter asks what a good daily word goal is. Matt believes it to be more than one and less than eleven thousand. Mur is, thankfully, more helpful with her answer.
  • @WordsByStacia asks how the Ditch Diggers feel about reading fees, and Mur and Matt expound on the differences between beta readers, sensitivity editors, and manuscript doctors.
  • Having handled the old business, the Ditch Diggers look to the new business of 2018.
  • Matt launches into an epic pitch/plea for the podcast being nominated for a Hugo in 2018.
  • Mur makes suggestions for other potential and deserving Hugo nominees you might have overlooked (Matt promises to have his recommendations next time).
  • The obligatory end-of-episode shilling of books and other things.
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