The Murverse

Ditch Diggers #040 —

DD040 Ditches for Writers and Parents

with Matt Wallace, Adam Rakunas, Andrea Phillips

Writers who are parents, how do you deal?

Show Notes

(Note, we are having some problems with the official Ditch Diggers site, so please be patient with us.)

Andrea Phillips: Writers and Parents

  • Mur and Matt welcome parents: author Adam Rakunas and author, games, transmedia, and screenwriter Andrea Phillips as guest co-hosts!

  • Adam and Andrea are both full-time freelance writers and full-time primary caregivers to their (what seems to Matt to be, anyway) many children.

  • Recording this episode was delayed because Adam’s daughter vomited on literally everything in the world, which sets a perfect tone for the topic of the show.

  • Andrea and Adam share their backgrounds as writers, how and when they started, and where they are now.

  • Full-time caregiving while full-time writing, and how each affects the other.

Adam Rakunas: Writers and Parents

  • Matt asks if having kids changes your professional goals as a writer (e.g. lights a larger fire under your ass to succeed).

  • Andrea talks how being a mother unduly influences others’ perception of her and her writing, the struggles of that, and about crowdfunding her Lucy Smokeheart series of fiction.

  • Mur asks about scheduling conflicts and other insightful things as the sole Ditch Digging parent among the regular hosts.

  • Our guest co-hosts tackle Q&A from Twitter!

The fine print:

Theme music by Devo Spice.

Ditch Diggers #040 by Mur Lafferty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Creative Commons License

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